Whirlwind Weekend

Sunday was busier than expected! After leaving KC we spent some time with Daniel’s family in Topeka and then invited friends over to our place for a little impromptu get-together that evening.

So I ate a lot that I shouldn’t have on Saturday. Instead of calculating all the calories, let’s just assume it was well over what I should have had. Emily had made a delicious pizza for her birthday party. She also provided fresh veggies with dip and chips. That morning at the farmer’s market I picked up some Peach & Mango Jalapeño Jam to make into a dip for the party.  I used half the jar with a package of cream cheese. Initially I was just gonna layer the jam on top of the cream cheese but I had suggestions to mix it. It’s not as pretty, but it was definitely tasty!

Peach & Mango Jalapeno Jam

For dessert, Sarah made Emily a Better Than Sex Cake. It’s Devil’s Food Cake saturated in a caramel cream, covered in whip cream, and sprinkled with Heath Bar.  I’d totally pick that cake over sex, it was THAT good! I helped myself to some hefty portions.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I took any pictures of it but if you google it you’ll find lots of food porn to enjoy.

For the party, Emily’s friend promised her a piñata.  Here’s Margaret the piñata. She’s full of candy and shots. Miniature alcohol shots, that is.


Malibu shot

Here’s me with Emily and Sarah (bad lighting)


It was so much fun!

Now a quick recap of Sunday. I tried to do better by eating subway for lunch. However, Daniel’s sister Kelly had made some cinnamon scones so I split one of those with Daniel. Then for dinner I ate the last slice of pizza left. And with friends over, I consumed some beers and margaritas. That was my Sunday.

Weekly Wrap-Up Time!

Weekly Wrap-Up

I estimated Saturday’s calories again just to get an idea how much it skewed my average. I was doing pretty good all week except for Thursday and Saturday. I need to cut back on the pizza and cake! Anyways, I better head to bed. My first day of work is tomorrow! Goodnight!

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