Working It Out

This week has been surprisingly good for me in the exercise department! I’ve gone to the gym twice this week and one day I stayed home and did some strength training.

Monday was a gym day. I was on the treadmill doing a workout suggested by my best friend, Charissa. She has been rocking it in the gym doing walking workouts only! Can you believe it?

She suggests using the highest possible incline on the treadmill (typically 15%), and walking at a pace of 4.2 MPH. It kicks my butt! I could only handle about two miles of it at that pace and then I walked half a lap before running 1.25 miles (without an incline). I started out at 7 MPH but after a couple laps I knew I couldn’t keep it so I lowered it down to 6.5 MPH and then eventually 6 MPH. I walked a couple laps after that to cool down. It was a challenging workout. Here’s the summary:

workout summary

Typically running a mile only burns 100 calories but the inclined power walking really burns a lot! 514 calories for going 3.75 miles? I’ll take it!

On Tuesday I did the strength training exercises from the Health magazine article I found. I ended up only doing one set though.. I was tired.

Yesterday I was determined to get another good treadmill workout in. I did the same inclined power walking workout for 2 miles and then switched to running. This time I wanted to run a farther distance so I started at 6.5 MPH so I wouldn’t get burnt out as easily. I ran for two miles and then walked 3 laps for a nice cool down. It was so refreshing!¬†Here’s the summary:

workout summary

I’m pretty excited for these new workouts and hope to keep them up. Today I’ll be doing more strength training at home. I plan to incorporate more track running with the treadmill workouts just so I get more “real” running in. I’ve noticed that switching from treadmill to track is really hard, at least for me. I find treadmill running easier because the track does some of the work for you. I’m hoping to maybe start running two miles on the treadmill and then running 1-2 miles on the indoor track afterwards to start out.

It feels so good to be working out again!

Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?

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