You Shall Not Arugula

So after a busy day attending a wedding in KC we headed to Topeka to spend time with friends at their lake house.  In the morning our host made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Don’t worry I only had one strip of bacon! Then it was off to Manhattan so I could blog, clean my car, and buy some groceries.  Speaking of cleaning cars, does anyone have a suggestion of how to get stains of a fabric interior? I went to one of those shampoo machines and paid like $6 to get it all wet basically.  Only a few spots came out.

Anyway back to business. Here’s my sunday funday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Eggs 180
Bacon 23
Toast 77
Lunch Noodles 150
Veggies 50
Egg 100
Dinner Avocado 120
Chicken Salad 240
Spincah/Arugla Mix 5
Raspberry Vinaigrette 40
Total 985

I didn’t work out yesterday but I also didn’t eat much either. I think I was still full from the day before!

Here’s the noodle mixture I had for lunch. Daniel made it. Not bad but he added a pinch of cinnamon and the sweetness just didn’t mix well. He likes to experiment, and I like to eat, so it works out. Usually.

photo (20)

The Avocado Chicken Salad idea I got from my dad and it is super easy to make.

photo (21)Started to dig in before I took this photo. Whoops. It was just that good.

Here’s how to make it:
Place half an avocado in a bowl. Scoop pre-made chicken salad (I found mine at Wal-mart) on top. Enjoy! However, for some extra health I added some salad on top and then a little raspberry vinaigrette for flavor.  PROBLEM: Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use arugula. I bought a spinach/arugula mix thinking it’d be tasty… I was wrong. There’s just something about arugula that’s just all wrong. I thought maybe my avocado had gone bad by the flavor, but then I added the spinach/arugula mix to my smoothie this morning and found out pretty fast what the problem was. Arugula. It is not a replacement for spinach. Just a word of advice.

Have you found a good recipe using arugula before? Maybe with the right ingredients it would be more appealing.

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