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If 3 days is not enough AND you are looking to lose weight sustainably on a plant-based diet without having to starve yourself, you can get the Vegan Fat Loss Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide for just $17 ($267 value!) only for the next 15 minutes.


The Vegan Fat Loss Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide

This plan is designed to enable you to:
● Eat optimal amounts of protein and calories for fat loss
● Meet all micronutrient requirements
● Teach you how to structure a meal and day of eating

Get down to your healthiest, happiest weight—the weight you feel most comfortable at, without restriction, deprivation or hours in the gym!

Plus ReceIve a bonus recipe ebook not available anywhere else on this site!

Includes 6 additional Dietitian approved recipes! These recipes are designed for fat loss and can easily be added to the meal plans for variety and customization.

Many people switch to a vegan diet for the weight loss benefits, yet the scale won't budge.

It can also be confusing on a plant-based diet. Can we eat carbs? Do we need more protein? What about cardio?

If this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone. There is so much information out there regarding nutrition and fat loss strategies that it can be confusing and overwhelming.

The good news is that there is an easier option.

You can cut through the noise and go straight to the experts such as plant-based dietitians.

We completely understand that many can’t afford one-on-one consultations with a dietitian and it’s unfortunate that it isn’t always covered by insurance.

However, we teamed up with a recognized plant-based dietitian, Jacob McGinness (APD), to bring you the Vegan Fat Loss Meal Plan and Nutrition Guide.

Meet your team:


Plant-Based Nutrition Coach


Registered Dietitian 


Personal Trainer & Coach


Health & Fitness Coach

It’s like having access to a dietitian, personal trainer, and health coach to answer all your fat loss questions on a vegan diet, but at a fraction of the cost!

And what’s even better? Right now you can get it for $17 ($267)

What's inside the Vegan Fat Loss Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide?

✅ The Complete Vegan Fat Loss Nutrition Guide ($49 value)

✅ 2-Week Vegan Fat Loss Meal Plan (can be repeated for more than 2 weeks) ($149 value)

✅ 2-Week visual food diary

✅ Complete macro & micronutrient breakdown for each meal 

✅ Easy to print grocery list

✅ Detailed step-by-step instructions for each recipe

✅ Dietitian & personal trainer backed nutrition & training advice ($49 value) 

✅ Bonus tips included to help you on your health journey ($10 value)

✅ Bonus Recipes Ebook for increased variety and customization of the meal plans ($10 value) *only available with today's offer!*

Total value $267 Buy now for $17!


Even if fat loss is not your goal, this plan is essential if you are transitioning to a vegan diet or if you are currently vegan and want to ensure your nutrition is on target.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this guide for?

Anyone who has struggled with weight loss as well as those new to a plant-based vegan diet that want to make sure their nutrition is on point.

How Many Weeks is the meal plan for?

The meal plan includes two weeks of recipes with lots of variety so that you can use them for 4-8 weeks of sustained fat loss.

What kind of recipes are in the guide?

A variety of vegan meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks specifically designed for optimal fat loss. No sad salads, only filling and nourishing meals like stews, curries, nourish bowls, pasta and more!

How many calories is the meal plan?

The meal plan is 1800 calories a day on average and can easily be adjusted. The Nutrition Guide teaches you how to determine the right amount of calories for you to achieve sustainable weight loss and how to adjust the plan to your needs.

How many people do the meals serve?

The meal plan and recipes are designed for one person but you can double, or triple the servings and shopping list to accomodate more!

Will i receive a physical copy of the guide?

At this time only digital copies are available in PDF form. You'll be able to access it on any device and can easily print it if you prefer a physical copy.

Finally have a clear plan and sustainable solution to weight loss on a vegan diet!


This product is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose. Please consult with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your current diet and lifestyle. Read our full disclosure here.