Best Tofu Corned Beef

Servings: 4 Time: 1 hour 5 minutes



Why you'll love it

This best tofu corned beef recipe is typically made with beef marinated in a brine, hence the term "corned" but we made it healthy and vegan by using tofu instead!

What you need:

All you need are a few ingredients that you most likely already have on hand.

Extra Firm Tofu




Vegetable Broth

Salt & Pepper & Garlic

Pickling spice

1. Grind the pickling spice in a spice grinder or coffee grinder.

2. Drain the tofu and press out excess liquid by wrapping the blocks of tofu with clean towels/paper towels.

3. Blend the beet with 1 cup of broth in a blender. Add the blended beet along with the rest of the brine ingredients and the remainder of the broth to a large pan.

4. Slice the tofu into 1/4th inch thick slices. Add the sliced tofu to the brine and allow to simmer for 20 minutes, covered. This allows the tofu to absorb the flavor.

5. Peel the carrots and chop into 1-inch long pieces. Remove outer leaves from cabbage and slice into wedges. Add both to pot with leftover brine

6. Serve the tofu corned "beef" with the braised cabbage and carrots on the side.


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