Easy Vegan Corned Beef

with braised cabbage and carrots

Why you'll love it

This classic Irish-American dish is typically made with beef marinated in a brine but we made it healthy and vegan by using tofu instead! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day, or when you want something comforting and full of flavor!

What you'll need

Firm tofu, cabbage, carrots, pickling spice, broth, beets, sugar, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, dijon mustard.


Grind the pickling spice in a spice grinder or coffee grinder. Can also use a mortar and pestle or place in a sealed plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin or other hard object.


Prepare brine

Blend the beet with 1 cup of broth in a blender. Add the blended beet along with the rest of the brine ingredients to a large pan. Stir well to combine. Boil brine for about 10 minutes to allow spices to release flavor.



Slice tofu and simmer in the brine, covered. This allows the tofu to absorb the flavor. Then bake the tofu to crisp up the edges.



Braise the cabbage and carrots by adding both to the leftover brine, with additional water or broth as needed, cover, and simmer.



Serve the tofu corned beef with the braised cabbage and carrots on the side. Enjoy!


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