Refreshing Coconut Shake 

Servings: 2 Time: 5 minutes



Why you'll love it

You're just moments away from tropical bliss with this refreshing creamy coconut shake recipe! With just five simple ingredients, you can whip up this creamy concoction in no time!

What you need:

Shake: Coconut milk, non-dairy milk, frozen bananas, pure vanilla extract, and pure maple syrup. Toppings: Toasted coconut flakes and coconut whip cream.

1. Scoop out ⅔ cup of thickened cream from the top of the can of coconut milk. Leave the coconut water in the bottom of the can. Add to a high-speed blender jar.

2. Add the milk, frozen banana or vanilla ice cream, and vanilla extract and maple syrup as needed. Blend till desired consistency.

3. Pour into glasses and top with coconut whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes if desired. Enjoy!


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