The Best Just Egg French Toast

Servings: 4 Time: 20 minutes



Why you'll love it

This best Just Egg French toast recipe will be your new favorite vegan breakfast or brunch! It's chewy in the middle, crispy on the edges!

What you need:

JUST egg, unsweetened non-dairy milk, coconut sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, nutmeg, salt, bread.

1. Whisk in a large shallow dish, Just Egg along with the milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and salt. Set aside.

2. Preheat non-stick skillet and lightly coat with vegan butter or a spritz of vegetable oil. Meanwhile, add a slice of bread to the Just Egg mixture and allow to soak on each side for two minutes.

3. Cook the bread on each side for two minutes until golden brown. Repeat with remaining slices.


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