Best Meal Prep Containers

Best containers for every situation

Whether you're on-the-go, like to stay organized, want to bulk prep meals, or work on portion control—these are the best containers!

Best glass

A locking lid makes them airtight—preserving freshness. They're also leak proof so they're perfect for travel. Bonus: they are also freezer and oven safe!

Best organization

These are easy to stack and organize with color-coordinating lids. The varying sizes makes it easy to pack a variety of meals and snacks for the week with one set.

Best portioning

Stainless steel bento boxes are perfect for portion control. They're also freezer and dish washer safe and a great option for packing kids' lunches.

Best eco-friendly

Mason jars make a great eco-friendly option since you might already have some on hand! The lids create an airtight seal for maximizing freshness.

Best bulk prep

These 80 ounce containers are perfect for preparing large batches of meals when you want to keep it fresh all week but don't want to worry about individually portioning out servings.

Best camping

This vacuum insulated 3 quart container is perfect for camping or hiking as it keeps foods/liquids hot or cold for up to 16 hours. It's also leak resistant so you can throw it into your backpack without worry.

Best bags

Silicone bags are great for snacks or even portioning leftovers as they can stand on their own, are leak-proof, and microwaveable! They're also great for freezing bananas to make banana nice cream.