The Secrets to Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet

Many people turn to a vegan diet for weight loss but not all  lose weight. If you've been trying without much success, read on for the best strategies to get that scale moving downward!

Maintain  a calorie deficit

It's hard to outrun a bad diet. Instead focus on calories in by reducing the calories you consume to be less than the calories you burn.


Focus on fiber

Fiber is zero calories and keeps you full longer. It also acts as a natural fat-blocker! This means you can lose more weight eating a high-fiber diet with the same number of calories.


Choose whole grains

Ditch the white bread and opt for whole grain bread. Same goes for pasta. These easy swaps make increasing fiber intake a breeze!


Drink more water

Avoid liquid calories by drinking more water. Liquid calories like sodas, juices, energy/sports drinks, and alcohol can be high in empty calories and sugars which throws off your metabolism.


Eliminate oils

Oil is essentially pure fat. It's stripped of fiber (and most of the nutrients that are attached to fiber). One tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories of mostly empty calories.


Avoid added sugar

Refined sugar is much like refined oil, devoid of nutrients and full of empty calories. Most packaged foods will have added sugar in some form. However, sugar naturally found in fruits is completely healthy!


Time your meals

Research found that eating 70% of your daily calories split between breakfast, morning snack, and lunch, leaving 30% for an afternoon snack and dinner, increases weight loss. So fill up on a big breakfast!


Eat slower

Slowing down the rate at which we eat food improves satiety. Make sure to chew food thoroughly, take your time with soup, and sip smoothies slowly.


Meal prep

When hunger strikes, it's nice to have meals prepared within arm's reach rather than succumbing to cravings and ordering vegan take-out.