These vegan bacon recipes are going to blow your mind! Who knew you could recreate the delicious flavor of bacon in so many ways? If you miss bacon, you need to try out these recipes!

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“But bacon” is a common response I often hear when people first find out that I’m vegan. Yes, yes, bacon is delicious, I get it. Most people don’t go vegan because they hate the taste of meat.

There’s just something about that crispy, sweet, smoky goodness that makes it so hard to give up. The good news is there are plenty of options to make your own vegan and vegetarian bacon.

There’s always the store-bought route but trust me, you’re going to want to try some of these homemade bacons! It’s actually really easy and more affordable to make your own at home. Plus you can control how sweet or smoky you like it.

There are so many good vegan bacon recipes out there but I rounded up the best ones to share with you here. Work your way through them and let us know in the comments which ones you try!

Veggie Bacon

These faux bacons are made with vegetables as the base. Some vegetables make a great base when sliced thinly. They crisp up nicely and work well with the flavors to make a truly delicious bacon alternative.

Carrot Bacon
Smoky and delicious bacon made from carrots. This recipe is based off the viral TikTok video and will not disappoint! Make vegan bacon in a matter of minutes and serve with breakfast, brunch, or even in a vegan BLT.
Check out this recipe
This carrot bacon recipe is so easy and great for when you want the delicious sweet and smoky-ness of bacon! Just 8 simple ingredients, a peeler, and an oven or air-fryer is all you need. Vegan bacon can be made in many ways but this carrot bacon is one of the simplest and most similar looking to actual bacon. And did I mention delicious? #carrotbacon #veganbacon #plantbased #vegan #veganrecipe #veganbreakfast #plantbasedbreakfast #meatfree #meatlessmeals
Smoky Sweet Vegan Eggplant Bacon
Cook up crispy delicious eggplant bacon strips for your vegan bacon fix. A quick marinade lends a bacon-y flavor to strips of eggplant that actually resemble bacon.
Check out this recipe
eggplant bacon on a plate with tomatoes and lettuce
Easy Vegan Mushroom Bacon
This easy vegan mushroom bacon is the answer to bringing amazing flavor to all your meals. Add it to just about anything!
Check out this recipe
mushroom bacon in a glass jar
Vegan Zucchini Bacon
This crispy zucchini with a smoky flavor is a great option! Zucchini absorbs flavor well for a truly delicious bacon substitute!
Check out this recipe
zucchini bacon strips on a platter

Tofu and Tempeh Bacon

Tofu and tempeh are both soy products that are perfect for making bacon with. They’re best when you want a flat piece of bacon like for a BLT. They both also absorb the flavor well, making them a great bacon substitute.

Tempeh Bacon (Oil Free)
Vegan Tempeh Bacon is quick and easy to make at home. Build a vegan BLT for a delicious lunch or serve it on the side of a tofu scramble for a savory breakfast.
Check out this recipe
tempeh bacon strips on a plate
Air Fryer Tempeh Bacon
This Air Fryer Tempeh Bacon is the perfect addition to your breakfast table. You can also use it to make a sandwich such as a vegan BLT, or chop it up and add it to your salad. This vegan bacon is full of flavor, easy to make and gluten-free! Stovetop and oven methods are also included.
Check out this recipe
tempeh bacon strips layered on a plate
Tofu Bacon
This tofu bacon is salty, smoky, and chewy. Firm tofu works great as a vegan bacon because it soaks up flavor so well and is rich in protein.
Check out this recipe
upclose image of tofu bacon strips
Smoked Tempeh Maple Bacon Bits
These vegan bacon bits are made of tempeh and only require 5 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time. They’re salty, sweet, and smoky – everything bacon bits should be!
Check out this recipe
tempeh bacon bits on a baking tray

This next one is not technically tofu or tempeh but it is made with soy. TVP, or Textured Vegetable Protein, is made from defatted soy flour that has been cooked under pressure and then dried. It makes a great bacon replacement as well!

Vegan Bacon Bits
A little smoky, and a little spicy, these vegan bacon bits made from TVP are an easy and healthy fix for your ‘bacon’ flavor cravings! Super yummy topping for baked potatoes, soups, salads, and more!
Check out this recipe
vegan bacon bits in a bowl

Coconut Bacon

Coconut bacon is a great alternative to bacon bits. They already have a touch of sweetness and crisp up easily.

Coconut Bacon
Vegan bacon made from coconut? OH YES! Crispy, smoky, just a tad sweet, and so amazingly delicious, you’ll never miss the real thing!
Check out this recipe
tipped over jar of coconut bacon spilling out onto a plain surface

Almond Bacon

Yep, even nuts can be turned into bacon! And nuts provide a nice crunch.

Almond Bacon
This Almond Bacon is super easy to make, full of flavor and perfect for adding to vegan scrambles for a healthy brunch. It’s also refined sugar free and gluten-free.
Check out this recipe
almond bacon bits with vegan white bean scramble on a plate

Rice Paper Bacon

Rice paper makes a nice neutral based for vegan bacon. It also doesn’t require as much prep as preparing vegetables.

Rice Paper Vegan Bacon
Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional bacon? This Rice Paper Vegan Bacon is crispy, chewy, sweet, salty, smoky, and just as tasty as the original.
Check out this recipe
rice paper bacon on a plate with a vegan scramble

Banana Peel Bacon

Banana Peel Bacon
Yes, you read that right, this is banana peel bacon. A vegan bacon recipe made from the banana peels that you would otherwise toss away. Am I crazy? Maybe a little. Does it taste good? Yes, it does. It really, really does!
Check out this recipe
upclose shot of banana peel bacon

So which are your favorite fakin bacons? Or facons if you will. Let us know below which ones you try. We make carrot bacon often and even use it in this delicious carrot bacon wrapped apple bites vegan appetizer. Use these veggie bacons just as you would real bacon—the possibilities are endless!

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