Snacks on a Plane

Do you ever feel even more sluggish than usual while traveling? For me, I always went for the quick, easy, not-even-the-slightest-bit-healthy kind of snacks. This included chips, cookies, candies, crackers–you know, the four-C’s. But every time I traveled and ate like this, my digestion was off, I felt bloated, and pretty sure I gained several unwanted pounds.

Nowadays, I still enjoy the salty and sweet snacks but choose healthier options that actually give me energy and don’t weigh me down. Not only that, but I choose items that will keep me full so I don’t end up splurging on expensive airport food.

Last weekend I had a trip from Denver to Kansas City by plane, plus a 4.5 hour car ride after that so I knew I needed some filling snacks to take with me so I didn’t get hangry. Here’s what I decided to bring:

Snacks for travel

First off, let’s talk about the Simply Balanced items. I’m not the type of person to take fresh fruit unless it’s bananas but I knew I wanted something else for added sweetness and variety. Most dried fruit seems to have added sugar but these are literally just mangoes. They are so delicious and a good source of Vitamin C which is a bonus when you’re on a plane with recycled air and slightly dehydrated so that you don’t have to use the plane bathroom. Plus, mangoes are a good source of potassium, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, and fiber!

freeze dried snacks

The edamame was hands-down my favorite snack I brought. Also freeze dried with salty goodness, it was definitely an addictive snack. Yes, I advocate for less salt in the diet, but these were a special treat that I couldn’t resist trying. With 12 grams of protein in a half cup, these were both filling and satiating. A sure winner in my book!

I also brought along Larabars. I try to get the ones that have only dates and nuts as the ingredients but I will say the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite. It has a few more ingredients but still better than a cookie!


Lastly, I brought along some salted nuts. What I really should have done was brought some raw, unsalted almonds from the bulk bins at the grocery store but I ran out of time and already had these. In the end I didn’t end up eating any of them because the other snacks were more than enough but I’m glad I over packed food just in case. Again, hanger cautions.

cashews and almonds

And lastly, the bananas didn’t last long. I ate one while waiting for my plane and ate the second between the plane and car ride. I was able to also eat lunch in between so I didn’t need as many snacks as I first thought.

Hope this inspired you to pack some healthier snack options! If you are traveling with others, I highly recommend getting more than one bag of the freeze dried edamame because you won’t want to share 😉

Happy Travels!

xoxo Rachel

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  1. I always pack bananas and keep them on hand. We almost always have them in the car with us.

    Another plane snack I like is carrot sticks, they keep your mouth busy when you’re bored.

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